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Law Offices Of Andrew Merlo, P.A.
"He took a personal interest in my case and was very thoughtful and came up with all the solutions that I did not even think of. He was also very professional and clear."Donna H.
"Mr. Merlo was extremely professional and helpful in handling my recent divorce. Divorce is such a difficult experience but he coached me through it and ALWAYS thought of things that I didn’t and gave immense emotional support as well. Thank you!!"Zina J.
"He was wonderful and everything he has done so far is fantastic. Anytime I have any questions or concerns they are answered quickly and promptly. He is just fantastic."Doug R.
"Mr. Merlo is an absolutely fantastic lawyer and the best at what he does. Everything he does is professional and he is the definition of a perfect lawyer. I wouldn’t use anyone else and have already recommended him many many times."Ronald L.
"I absolutely would recommend Andrew. He was recommended to me by my boyfriend and he is excellent at communication and I had no problems ever, day or night. He was always there and always timely. He is honest and straightforward and I felt comfortable and at ease."Victoria L.
"He is a very passionate and aggressive attorney. Whenever I called he always answered the phone and won my case for me." Terry M.
"I loved working with him everything was great and he is the best. The easiest part of working with him was how understanding Andrew is. I was able to explain my situation and he fully and completely took into account what I needed and wanted and was there every step of the way."Susan C.
He was flexible and a great listener and he exudes confidence. He always comes through for me each and every time I have used him. I have already told multiple people about him that have used him and they also always come out on top! He is beyond great! Carin G.
"He is a pit-bull and he is a fighter. He goes out and wins for me and handles everything with ease. He is quick to respond and it seems like he is always available to talk if you have any questions. I would definitely recommend using him."Thomas C.
"He was very easy to work with he keeps you and your best interest in mind at all times. He is extremely focused and attentive to your needs and is a truly exceptional lawyer. I really thought he made everything easy." Michelle D.
"He was so accepting and he gave me his personal cell phone number for anything I needed which made me extremely happy and feel at ease. They were always available I never had to leave a message and I was always happy and updated it was great." Hector D.
"He was personable and always was there for any concern that I had. He had great communication and I felt as if I was always kept in the loop on exactly what was going on."Rick K.
"Andrew is an excellent attorney. As a man it is not easy to gain permanent custody of a child regardless of the circumstances. That said, Andrew was successful in doing so. His guidance and preparation in my case directly led to the judges favorable decision. He took a true interest in me and my case. He cares about his client!"Robert
"Andrew Merlo is a fabulous attorney in the field of family law. He was able to research every possible approach to helping my son out of a serious paternity obligation. Via his thorough research into my son's wife's marital history he discovered my son was not the legal father of their child and although we knew he wasn't the biologic father via DNA, my son had signed a birth certificate stating he was the father. Mr. Merlo was able to represent my son and deal with extremely complex issues and handle my son's ex wife in a most gentle and kind fashion as he guided her in seeing what was best for all parties. Mr. Merlo navigated through treacherous waters to achieve a wonderful outcome for my son before an extremely knowledgeable , meticulous and thorough Judge. The Judge praised him for his careful and concise application of the law. We were able to shorten a lengthy and circuitous legal road to achieve the desired result . We can't thank Mr. Merlo enough and highly recommend him to anyone seeking assistance in matters regarding Family issues."A Satisfied Client
"Andy jumped in at the last minute and handled my case with no complaints. Not only did he study over 5 years worth of case data, he took time out of his weekend to go above and beyond to get prepared for a Monday morning trial. Andy was professional, tough in the court room, and very sincere."Kelley
"I would highly recommend Mr. Merlo to anyone looking for a divorce lawyer. He was professional, compassionate and diligent. I felt that he had my best interest at heart always and treated me with the upmost respect."Mari
"Andy has been a steady force throughout the entire process helping me to understand the expectations of the courts. As well as providing the vigorous research and litigation my case required."Paul
"I had met with a few lawyers to handle my case and when I met Andrew I hired him on the spot and I am thrilled that I did. I had a very difficult and long drawn out case, and working with Andrew and his staff really made a difference. He is always happy and available. He is easy to talk to and very knowledgeable, experienced and honest. I absolutely trust Andrew. He is a good guy and I would highly recommend him to friends and family!!"Devin
"Mr. Merlo was extremely professional and diligent in representing me during my divorce. Even when I wanted to make rash an emotional "bad decisions" Mr. Merlo demonstrated his keen experience by advising on the obvious outcomes that would affect not only me but my children. Andy is a street smart attorney who cares for his clients and gets the job done. Thank you for knocking down that alimony!!!!"Larry
"From the moment I contacted Mr. Merlo for a consultation he immediately made himself available not only providing me with his office phone number but also his cell phone! He was very accommodating making sure he gathered all the facts and that we understood the whole process! I would STRONGLY recommend him!"Diego
"Mr. Merlo was very knowledgeable and caring with my divorce case. He knew the law and got me everything he said he would. He was aggressive when he needed to be and he negotiated a great settlement. I would 100% recommend him to anybody needing a divorce lawyer in Palm Beach County."A Satisfied Client