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A Satisfied Client

  • By: Andrew Merlo
  • Published: March 27, 2018

“Andrew Merlo is a fabulous attorney in the field of family law. He was able to research every possible approach to helping my son out of a serious paternity obligation. Via his thorough research into my son’s wife’s marital history he discovered my son was not the legal father of their child and although we knew he wasn’t the biologic father via DNA, my son had signed a birth certificate stating he was the father. Mr. Merlo was able to represent my son and deal with extremely complex issues and handle my son’s ex wife in a most gentle and kind fashion as he guided her in seeing what was best for all parties. Mr. Merlo navigated through treacherous waters to achieve a wonderful outcome for my son before an extremely knowledgeable , meticulous and thorough Judge. The Judge praised him for his careful and concise application of the law.

We were able to shorten a lengthy and circuitous legal road to achieve the desired result . We can’t thank Mr. Merlo enough and highly recommend him to anyone seeking assistance in matters regarding Family issues.”

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